Tuesday, 29 July 2014

na pellam na maradali tho sex

Posted by Aarthi Priya


This is about an incident that has changed my sex life forever. I am married to a very pretty looking girl (Sonia) and it’s been 6 years now. I have a very hot looking sil (we call her Cherry) who is younger than my wife by 3 years aged 25years and unmarried. Well the story goes like this. We had a very normal relation with Cherry and she used to come often to my place to meet her sister and me. And I used to be quiet casual about it.
We are a nuclear family so it’s only me and my wife alone in the house. I always had a very wild sex life and my wife was always part of it. I always tell her about whatever I used to feel like. And she always obliged.
Once Cherry had to come to meet us at our apartment and was planning a stay over. We had planned a dinner at home and followed by drinks since next day was a holiday we wanted to stay up till late and watch movies and chitchat. Everything was going normal and my wife prepared everything before I reached home from office and was all ready and dressed up. She looked quite stunning and I was curious why she was dressed so well at home as if we were going clubbing. But she said it’s just to make the evening more exciting.
I love giving her massage and caress her body. Looking at her I was really provoked and hugged her tight and gave her a long smooch and couldn’t stop for long. Cherry was expected within 30mins so we had enough time for a session. I took her to the room threw her on bed. Spread her legs and started massaging her thighs didn’t let her remove her panty or move any clothes. And started going closer to her vagina. And kept teasing it from over the panty she was all charged up knew that her provocative dressing would turn me on. Once I felt her panty and saw it was one that I really liked her in. She pulled down straps of her dress from her shoulder and started squeezing her juicy boobs and started inviting me. She just wanted to distract me so that I slow down on her pussy cz I was getting her mad. Her complete panty was dripping wet of her juices. She kept moaning and tried pulling me towards her so that I give her some relief from the extreme pressure on her pussy or at least enter her. It was uncontrollable for her. I love the look on her face when she really gets horny and wants me in her.
Quite slowly I started rubbing my finger inside her panty on the pussy wall. And she gave out a loud moan and squirted like crazy and her complete pussy my hand was dripping of her juices and we were just in the moment and suddenly Cherry enters the room!!!!!!!!! And both didn’t know what to do for a second. My wife forgot she had given her an extra key and to surprise us Cherry had entered with a bottle of wine. I just moved my hand and got up since I was completely dressed didn’t have to bother that way. Cherry also was caught in the moment and didn’t even blink and kept starring. And wife was just lying there and kept moaning lightly. She was so lost in the moment that didn’t see anything.
I quietly went to the bathroom and washed my hand and freshen up and came out to see my wife in the same dress and standing and adjusting her boobs and Cherry looked at me smiled and winked at me. That wink gave me a spark. I got a different look on Cherry. She was looking really hot in a cow neck lose top and hot pants showing deep cleavage.
My wife was least bothered and gave me a deep kiss and asked me to sit in the hall and wait till she sets up the dinner on table. And didn’t let Cherry help her saying everything is ready. Both Cherry and me went and sat on the sofa and greeted each other hi at the same time and started laughing about what had just happened. She started apologizing about interrupting us. Then she got up and gave me the wine bottle she was carrying I got up to take and thanked her and gave her hug and just gripped her tight. She started laughing and said “I know you didn’t get your orgasm but I am not your wife and your dick is poking me” lol I didn’t realise and to respond to her in a funny way I gave her two pecks on her neck. She pushed lightly and gave me a very hot stare and I was so turned on. Didn’t bother at all and pulled her from her top and smooched her!!!!!!!!!. And she responded. We kept doing it for few minutes and both tried to stop each other. She just pushed me back and went inside the kitchen and in few minutes came back with her sister. She was looking at us like a school principle who was going to fire us.
She sternly said I know you are hungry and dinner is ready. Let Cherry have her dinner tooo…. I was least bothered. We three sat for dinner had our wine along. And I was so much in the mood kept starring at both the hot women sitting near me and didn’t even blink while starring at both their cleavage. Sonia and Cherry had a lot of eye contact and they were whispering to each other continuously for which I was least bothered I stared at their boobs while talking to them.
We got up of dinner table sat on sofa. Sonia sat beside me. I couldn’t resist and started rubbing her thighs and cupped her boob. She looked at me with a bit of surprise coz I was not bothered of Cherry sitting next to us. She turned her face to give me a stare and I just grabbed her and started smooching her. Cherry got up to stop us a bit saying she is embarrassed. I just pulled her and before I do anything to my surprise Sonia pushed her on my lap and spread her lose top to show her boobs and pushed my head towards her boobs and ordered me “suck her hard” wow I was just unstoppable now and Cherry was ready for this. Maybe she was prepared and both sisters had decided this in the kitchen.
On the couch I rigorously kept squeezing, sucking and biting her tits and Sonia helped both of us get undressed. Cherry had amazing pair of boobs and really soft skin. Cherry now demanded I give her a pussy massage too just the way she saw me giving her sister. Sonia was busy biting and licking me on all places. I gave her a hell lot of fingering and massaged her inner walls she was highly lubricated. Sonia asked me to stop all this and fuck her hard. Finally it was my turn and my dick got some action to see. I rammed her pussy for long and kept fucking to blow her mind out. Then took both girls in the room got them in doggy style and kept fucking both sisters turn by turn while fingering the other.. I was now getting close and couldn’t control and got both the bitches to suck on my sticky dick and both obliged and turn by turn both gagged on my dick. I asked both to keep their mouth close to my dick and open. And gave out a wild cum shot


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